In depths of the Volcanos Park.

The high pastures of Auvergne are scattered with odd little stone houses: burons.


Buron De La Chambe

This buron has taken its ease and settled in comfortably…
It can accommodate up to 8 people.


Buron De Niercombe

Like a crow’s nest, it overlooks the valley of the Cère
He is ideal for singles or couples.
although it can provide for up to 6 people.


Le Buron De La Fumade

It seems to be beckoning to Puy Griou.
A succession of enclosed beds suitable
for hosting a group of friends or multiple generations of a family.



What if true luxury was simply nature...

Ambling through Auvergne is returning to the essential:
The colors of the earth melting into the flora
While the rustlings of nature breaks the pure silence 
Of views on endless unfettered vistas...
We're sharing this luxury by rehabilitating an ancestral heritage: Les Burons

and the buron its home !

The high pastures of Auvergne are scattered with odd little stone houses: burons. They welcomed and protected both man and beast during the summer months when the herds were taken out to pasture, and the milk turned into cheese on site. Most of them date back to the 18th century, but in the last few decades many have fallen into disuse and are disappearing from the landscape, collapsing back into piles of stones.
The Chambe du Bas, the Buron de Niercombe and the Fumade Vieille, scattered along a single 4km trail, were rescued from disaster and have a new purpose: bearing witness to Nature!
With their unique size and location, each of these three burons offers a different atmosphere.

The Buron de La Chambe

This buron is the first one you come upon on the trail. It shares the same panoramic view but is easier to access; its layout and lovely kitchen make it particularly suited for family life.

The Buron de Niercombe

It's iconic with its fortress-like position on an unfettered horizon, is a jewel box for lovers who are searching for privacy, surrounded by nothing but beauty.

Le buron de La Fumade

with its cleverly arranged space, a succession of enclosed beds, and its large common room, is perfect for a group of hikers (up to 15 people).